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Founded in 2001, IdeAInnovative development for eco Awareness had been established by Soehartini Sekartjakrarini to accommodate her passion on tourism development in conservation areas. Back by her education background majoring in urban and regional planning (PhD), tourism and resource development (MSc), both from Texas A&M University, USA, landscape architecture (BA) from IPB Indonesia, and her 25 years experience in forest protection and nature conservation, she has raised IdeA to become a pioneer in providing outstanding eco-friendly planning, design, and management services for government, business, and community in invaluable and sensitive areas across Indonesia.

Working with public and private, IdeA has now developed into a unique and reliable consulting company amid the demands of sustainable development in various sectors. Leading in planning, design and management on eco-development, IdeA has worked with academic recognized, experienced, and skilled planners and trainers in teams to ensure client’s awareness and caring for the harmony of man and the biosphere.

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